Kiel Tillman

Corona Hand Painted Signage

I was approached by MC Creative to do some hand painted signage for Corona. This was such a great project to be involved in. Lots of hard work and tight deadlines but it was all worth it. The whole project included the 25 metre brick wall with stripes and logo and a large hand painted type sign at Currumbin for one of Corona’s events. As well as that, I painted signage on the side of a Pop-Up shaping bay and on the clear perspex windows inside also. The Pop-up shaping bay was part of the Quiksilver Pro 2016 at Coolangatta.

Kiel-Tillman-graphic-designer-corona-hand-painted-signage1Kiel-Tillman-graphic-designer-corona-hand-painted-signage5 Kiel-Tillman-graphic-designer-corona-hand-painted-signage2 Kiel-Tillman-graphic-designer-corona-hand-painted-signage6.6 Kiel-Tillman-graphic-designer-corona-hand-painted-signage6.8Kiel-Tillman-graphic-designer-corona-hand-painted-signage4 Kiel-Tillman-graphic-designer-corona-hand-painted-signage6Kiel-Tillman-graphic-designer-corona-hand-painted-signageKiel-Tillman-graphic-designer-corona-hand-painted-signage3 Kiel-Tillman-graphic-designer-corona-hand-painted-signage7