Illustrator, Graphic Designer and Creative Consultant are just a few talents this local mover and shaker, Kiel Tillman, has up his sleeve.
His illustration work consists of bold lines and intricate patterns mixed with organic textures created predominately in Adobe Illustrator with his trusty Wacom tablet. He has recently been translating those illustrations and designs into large scale murals.

He is experienced throughout many design disciplines including, graphic design and branding, product design and garment design to name a few. This makes Kiel somewhat of a creative gun for hire.
Kiel has done work with various brands such as Corona, Rhythm and Oakley as well as working with the music industry and local businesses.

Actively involved in the art scene, Tillman has continued to create and exhibit his artwork around the Gold Coast, Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne in both group and solo exhibitions.

Most recently, Kiel has been hosting workshops and educational talks as a way to share his knowledge and nurture the next generation of creatives.

When he is not working you can find him relaxing with his family and their three legged dog Misha.