Kiel Tillman

“Old Love, New Life” Custom Artwork

Here is a great project that I was commissioned to produce for a lovely client who was getting it made for her fiancee as a present on their wedding day. I got quite a broad brief from her which was to include all of the things that they loved, as well as something to represent their baby daughter. So they love Koi fish, Japanese culture (Rising sun in background) and Travel (Compass). The hands represent the new marriage and the diamond of course represents their daughter. It was such a great job to work on and I got to meet the lovely family to hand over the finished artwork. Such a pleasure seeing their faces when they received it. Good times.

Kiel-Tillman-Old-Love-New-Life-Custom-Artwork-Laser-etched-gold-coast-artist-australia-Detail-2 Kiel-Tillman-Old-Love-New-Life-Custom-Artwork-Laser-etched-gold-coast-artist-australia-Detail-3 Kiel-Tillman-Old-Love-New-Life-Custom-Artwork-Laser-etched-gold-coast-artist-australia