Kiel Tillman

Slide Theory Surf Craft Branding

The concept for this logo came to me one day, so I thought I would just design it and put it up on my Instagram to see if anyone wanted it. I was contacted by an up and coming surf shaper from Florida in the U.S. who wanted to use it for his branding. I made a few text additions to the existing logo and then sent the files off. He was stoked with the design. He even saw the “Find Something Beautiful” artwork and wanted to use that as some secondary branding for his boards. I was more than happy to help him out.
All in all this was one of my best and easy going client relationships. It was great to connect with someone with similar interests on the other side of the world and I still keep in contact with my man Thad from Slide Theory.

Slide-theory-logo-kiel-tillman-design-logo-design-branding-logo-skull-logo-skull-design-mandala-slide-theory-surf-craftthumbSlide-theory-logo-6-Sketch-kiel-tillman-design-logo-design-branding-logo-skull-logo-skull-design-mandala-slide-theory-surf-craft Slide-theory-logo-3-kiel-tillman-design-logo-design-branding-logo-skull-logo-skull-design-mandala-slide-theory-surf-craft Slide-theory-logo-4-kiel-tillman-design-logo-design-branding-logo-skull-logo-skull-design-mandala-slide-theory-surf-craft

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